The AAMR is an initiative of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA). It is being implemented and managed by the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS) at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. The ACMS is the ARUA Centre of Excellence for Migration and Mobility.

Currently, the AAMR has eight core partners:

Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique)
Makerere University (Uganda)
Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (Ethiopia)
University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
University of Cape Town (South Africa)
University of Ghana (Ghana)
University of the Western Cape (South Africa)
University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

The AAMR has two overarching aims: (1) to build the research capacity of the next generation of African migration scholars, and (2) to support the professional development of the next generation of African migration scholars. These aims will be achieved through a series of activities, including regional thematic institutes, local workshops and individual research grants. These events will be held remotely and in-person in different locations across the continent to ensure an equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

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