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Rufaro Mushonga

AAMR Fellow

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Dr Rufaro Mushonga is a Zimbabwean who holds a BSc Honours in Psychology (University of Zimbabwe), MSc in Social Ecology (University of Zimbabwe) and a PhD in Migration and Identity (University of Zimbabwe). Dr Mushonga was part of the collaborative Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Project on ‘Mobility and Sociality in Africa’s Emerging Urban’-which is a scholarly response to the unprecedented levels of urbanisation and mobility in the Global South which is being driven by conflict, ambition and re-spatialising economies. During his doctoral studies, Dr Mushonga’s research explored how Nigerian migrants in Harare, Zimbabwe perform identities in informal spaces that recraft inclusion, exclusion, and new claims (or resistances) to belonging. His current research focus on the tactical forms of conviviality that emerge across ethnic, cultural and linguistic differences between migrants and hosts in increasingly diversifying and informal urban spaces, thus contributing to scholarship that seek to theorise cities of the Global South

Research Interests

•Transnational migration
•Politics of belonging
•Claim and place making
•Urban diversity
•Urban identities
•Emerging urbanisms
•Migrants’ Integration
•Urban ethnography


1. Mushonga, R H, and V Dzingirai. 2020a. “In Pursuit of Being and Belonging: Migrant Associations and the Integration of Nigerian Migrant Entrepreneurs in Harare.” African Human Mobility Review 6 (1): 116-134.
2. Mushonga, R H, and V Dzingirai. 2020b. “Marriage of Convenience as a Strategy of Integration and Accumulation among Nigerian migrant Entrepreneurs in Harare, Zimbabwe.” African Identities 18 (3): 1-17.
3. Mushonga R.H and V Dzingirai (2021). “Cosmopolitanism ‘from below’ and Claim Making in the Global South”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 47 (19): 1-19.
4. Mushonga R.H and V Dzingirai (2022).“Becoming a somebody”: mobility, patronage and reconfiguration of transactional sexual relationships in postcolonial Africa. Anthropology Southern Africa 45 (1):