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Rachid Benharrousse

AAMR Fellow

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Rachid Benharrousse is a Doctoral Candidate at Mohammed V University in Rabat. His primary doctoral research traces the Maghrebian obsession with Illegal border-crossing in the Maghrebian Contemporary Novel; further, his dissertation attempts a novel theorization of the concept of "Exitism" as a critical, crucial scrutinization of this phenomenon. He has been a Graduate student at the Moroccan Cultural Studies Center, the University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah in which he investigated Youth's identities on the internet, especially through a gender-inclusive approach. Also, he was an Early Career Researcher at the Association of Middle Eastern Women's Studies through which he advocates for the inclusion of Middle Eastern women in decision-making positions as well as the inherent flaws in the Quota system implemented in the Moroccan parliament. Recently, Benharrousse was a Researcher of Digital Studies at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University under the Digital Self-Determination Research Sprint; in the latter, his research has theorized the concept of Digital Self-Determination through Arab, Decolonial perspectives. As a researcher at the Paris Institute for Critical Thinking, Benharrousse has been engaged in active engagement with European philosophy alongside philosophers and student ambassadors. Currently, Benharrousse is an Early Career Researcher at the African Academy for Migration Research at the University of Witwatersrand, a Researcher at the Palah Light Lab at the Department of Media Studies, University at Buffalo, and a 2022 Research Fellow at MECAM, University of Marburg and Université de Tunis. His research interests are in Maghreb Studies, Cultural Studies, Migration Studies, African Studies, and Digital Studies.

Research Interests

Benharrousse's research interests encompass Maghreb Studies, African Studies, Migration Studies, Cultural Studies, and Digital Studies.


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