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AAMR Fellow

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I am PhD candidate a the Centre for Migration studies, University of Ghana. I am a Ghanaian Researcher who is particularly interested in issues related to Forced Migration Studies, Refugee Issues and Post-Camp/Post-Conflict Situations.
I am currently working on the Post Conflict Integration Process of Former Liberian Refugees in Ghana. I am more specifically studying the socio-cultural as well as political dynamics and other relevant elements which will in the long run ensure successful integration.

Research Interests

Recent studies in post conflict situations indicate how several refugees are left in limbo following the closure of camps. While early arrival in host countries are often characterized hearting warming receptions and aid in all forms to ensure that they are comfortably settled in their various locations, the post conflict situations are usually not managed in the same way. This calls for not only researchers but all major actors to engage as much in post conflict situations much as they are in the arrival of asylum seekers and refugees. I have since my MPHIL, been particularly interested in how post conflict issues and situations have been managed. I have also been interested in carrying out studies that examine the durability of the durable solutions as proposed by the UNHCR and most particularly assessed the application of local integration as a durable solution.
Beyond that, I am equally interested in current labor migrations issues which have indicated that handling forced migration issues separately from Economic migrants may not necessarily be the most prudent strategy to adopt. It will rather be interesting to see actors and researchers in this domain pursue migration problems and challenges from a more holistic and eclectic perspectives considering the fact that movements and migration flows are gradually becoming more of mixed influxes into either traditional destinations or new and trending destinations.