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Yvette Ruzibiza

AAMR Fellow

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For the past five years, Yvette Ruzibiza has been a PhD Candidate within the partnership between the Makerere University, the school of Social Sciences in Uganda, and the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She is interested in people and their interaction with the contexts they live in, from a community and individual point of view. For her leading research work, training, evaluations, designs, strategy development, and project implementation, she applies her deep contextual understanding of intersectional identities and power dynamics, social and political economy issues, as well as theories from both gender studies and anthropology.

Yvette strives to contribute to strategic, evidence-based, and creative counsel thereby contributing to deepen the impact on women, girls and other underserved populations. In 2015, she contributed to the process of reviewing and testing a toolkit for meaningful engagement of adolescent girls in issues that affect their well-being. A toolkit that has been developed by the Coalition for Adolescent Girls in its efforts to ensure that girls' knowledge is used to create more sustainable, accountable, relevant and efficient institutions, policies, projects, programs and studies. Yvette closely follows Africa's political developments, regional conflict dynamics and international relations. Since 2010, she has been working as a researcher, capacity builder, project manager and regional advisor for the NGO sector in East Africa, focusing on various themes related to youth and women's empowerment, including: sexual and reproductive health and rights, women's rights, youth and women's economic empowerment, youth employment, gender-based violence, inclusive development, migration, etc. Through her previous work, Yvette also gained experience in building bridges between national authorities, the private sector and civil society, on adopting and implementing "responsible" national policies to advance financial inclusion and education for economic citizenship (ECE) for children and young people in French-speaking countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Thus, she brings a pragmatic and multistakeholder perspective to the table.

Research Interests

Gender, sexuality, reproductive and sexual health and rights, gender-based violence, gendered health inequities, global health migration, anthropology, masculinities, inclusive development, knowledge making, reshaping narratives and identities in Africa.