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Endalkachew Mulugeta

AAMR Fellow

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Endalkachew Mulugeta is doctoral candidate of sociology undertaking a PhD project entitled" Unraveling Family and Community Underpinnings of Women Migration to the Arabian Gulf States from Selected Areas of Ethiopia”. The line of scientific argument espoused for his study is women migration is best understood and explained as a social practice and it is embedded in the societal structure, framed and reframed by family institution and shaped through collective values at migrant’s origin. Cognizant of this scientific claim, his project is expected to vividly examine and reveal the role of broader social context on shaping migrate or not migrate discourse and decision across households in migration hotspot communities of Ethiopia. As to Endalkachew's academic background, he has earned MA and BA degree in Sociology from Addis Ababa University and University of Gondar respectively.

Research Interests

Endalkachew's research interests include Migration studies, Family studies, Sociological study of aspects of Human health, Women studies in general and youth in particular, researching social policy.


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Endalkachew Mulugeta and Dessalegn Mekuriaw. 2017. Early Marriage: Trends, Causes, Consequences and Prospects in Selected Kebeles of East Gojjam Administrative Zone, Amhara National Regional State, North Western Ethiopia. International journal of innovative research&development:6(4(

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