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Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze

AAMR Fellow

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Research Interests

My interests are focus on security studies, traditional African institutions, gender studies, armed conflicts, local governance, migration studies, and humanitarian action. My future research is to build on the foundations of my PhD and to investigate how the dynamics in international, national and environmental problems requires constant change and adaptation in terms of solutions.




2020- Decentralization as an Instrument of International Cooperation between Cameroon and Germany, Mauritius, Lambert Academic Publishing.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2021- Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze, ‘‘The Repercussions of Armed Conflict on Food Security in Cameroon’’, Alternate Horizons, Special Edition with UNAI SDG 2 HUB, pp. 1-6. Available at:

Book Chapters

2020- “ Clean Development mechanism: Achievements, challenges and moving Beyond 2020” in Climate Change Alleviation for Sustainable Progression: Floristic Prospective and Arboreal Avenues as a Visible Sequestration Tool, Moonisa Aslam Dervash and Akhlqa Amin Wani (Ed), CRC Press, Tylor and Francis.

Review Articles

2021- Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze., ‘‘Towards the Sustainable Integration of Internally Displaced Anglophones in the West Region of Cameroon’’, Researching Internal Displacement, Working Paper No. 6, Refugee Law Initiative, School of Advanced Study at the University of London, November. Available at:

2021- Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze.,and Young Chantal Nkeneh., ‘‘Towards Re-Traditionalizing and Revalorizing Chieftaincy in Cameroon Grassfields Studies: An Exploratory Study’’, Revista Universitară de Sociologie. Year XVII, Issue 2, pp.9-21, available at:

2020-Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze, “Traditional Coup d’etats in the Bamenda Grassfields of Cameroon Chieftaincy Institution: A Historical Exploration”, Carnelian Journal of Law and Politics, Vol.1,(1), pp.82-106.,

2020-Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze., Ngam Confidence Chia., “Chieftaincy and Decentralization in Cameroon: Unmasking the Opportunities and Challenges in Context”, Journal of Politics & Governance, Vol. 8, No. 2, February, pp.5-22

2020-Tindo Narcisse Saturnin Kaze., Ngam Confidence Chia, and Young Chantal Nkeneh, “The Cameroon Decentralization Project: Tool of Conflict Resolution or Seed of Discrepancies in the Governance of a Heterogeneous State?”, EAS Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Vol.1, Issue 3, pp.105-115,